Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aunty Em That's Me

Everyone should have an anuty Em. I love being an aunt and I'm thinking I don't particularly want any kidlets myself. The way I see it I have 7 nieces and nephews that I can baby sit, spoil, buy loud obnoxious toys for (despite my sister's please not to), and give them back when they are sick or being horrible.

Plus there are giant bonus to being an aunt, the kids love you! Bryan my mini male me (adorable little redheaded nephew) washed the dishes when I made him dinner. When I told him how sweet he was he said, "Shh don't tell mom I washed the dishes, I never do that for her or dad." He's only 8 years old!

Little Robby my 4 year old nephew threw a fit when his brother got to ride with me instead of him one day and told my sis he liked me better. Now I know that's not true that he loves his mommy but the novelty of being aunt Em never wears off. My fravorite quote from him is "Aunty Em your my favorite" "Your favorite what Robby" "My favorite everything I'm pretty sure". You just can't get any cuter than that.

Plus when I baby sit they are angels for me, and we turn music up loud and dance for hours!

I have all the benefits and none of the draw backs...

I got to hang with my Ginger today! (he has really dark freckles over his nose and no where else just like I did when I was his age I heart him)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Voting, you should do it. You are unamerican if you don't vote. Honestly if I hear you complain about anything political and you didn't vote I might have to rip you're very pretty head off. I just have no time for people like you, I'd love to sit and attack all of the non voters individually. But sadly there are to many of you non voters to verbally attack (possibly physically depending on what strikes my fancy).
Lets take an example, I live in very northern California and it is a very very republican area. I'm not going to disclose my political views.. not sure if I already have in a previous post though. Any way it's very republican up here and I hear a lot of complaining about Obama. Before you start now I'm not going to tell you want I don't like or do like, or if there is anything at all I do like or don't like about him. Cause half of my readers (the few that I have) wouldn't like me just for my political stand and I don't want to loose any of you.
Back to the point in my opinion no one is allowed to complain about our president no matter who he is or what he's doing unless you voted in the presidential election. Now I understand if you weren't 18 when he was voted in like myself and was unable to vote. Although this gives you no excuse not to go register to vote as soon as you can.
I'm just sick of the ignorant people in our country who bitch and complain about our government and new laws, when they didn't even put there two sense in and vote. Yet I still have to hear all their bitching and complaining, what am I supposed to do for you? People died for our country and I think to many for get sometimes like it's not close enough to them any more. I'm not talking about our stints in Iraq (I'm going to rant on that too have no fear). I'm talking about dependence from Britain (I know that was a long time ago) or our civil war. Who cares how long ago that was we learn that in school for a reason. Real people died for us and our country they put us, you and me, before them selves because we are the future. Voting is such a simple way to respect them and honor them, I would be so embarrassed for our society if we had to explain ourselves to past soldiers.
And for a quick rant on Iran and Iraq wars. Sure we want our troops back and most of us aren't for the war at all, like what the hell are we doing there? But still those soldiers deserve respect, protesting at soldier funerals, people who do that should rot. I have a best friend that is on leave at the moment from Iraq, he didn't choose to go there. I may not support the war but I support the brave men and women that fight in it. If I ever had a loved one's funeral protested at I can't grantee wont have to stop blogging. Mostly because I'd be serving a life sentence for murder. If you protest soldier funerals stop following my blog I don't want you.

You're Ginger has had a long day...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

वहत तो फ?

वही इस माय पोस्ट इन सम फूंकी लागुअगे। इ दोन'टी हवे थे टाइम फॉर थिस! एर्र्र्रर

यौर पिस्स्य गिन्गेर जुस्त वांट्स तो पोस्ट ओं हेर ब्लॉग!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Field Strip

So my laptop had been turning off randomly, and not like my battery was dieing. The screen would go black and the fan would stop and it wouldn't turn back on unless I took the battery out and waited for a few minutes. So I googled it and found that mostly likely the fan had dirt in it.

Taking apart a laptop is scary there are wires every where and little green boards with sauter on wires. Also a lot of screws and at first I thought when I put it all back that I had one extra but I didn't. WOOT.

Yeah so I went online and found a page that told me how to take my laptop apart and now here I sit with a working laptop. I only had to take it apart one more time to connect my mouse again because I turned it on and realized I'd forgotten it.

thank google for you're Ginger's ability to blog lol

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girlie Sleep Overs!!!

So I spent the night at a friends house with another friend (so a grand total of 3 girls) and you know what's really weird? We didn't have a naked pillow fight! I feel so cheated! I've never been in a pillow fight not to mention a naked one! And in movies they are always having such fun pillow fights. Also I want to know where they buy those pillows to I can avoid them like a bad disease.

I mean those pillows are very poorly made, I hope that with one whack from my pillow it wont explode. Also I wish that night gowns were even remotely comfy. I find they ride up in the middle of the night and you feel like your being strangled only in the tummy area. But purple pj pants with white kitties on them just aren't as sexy... bummer.

I just feel so cheated out of an amazing experience though.... So guys how do your sleep overs go? do you have sexy pillow fights? Or anything as awesome?

you're giggling Ginger (that's what we did... giggle for two days straight)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes the reason I'm annoyed is simply because I can be

There is this guy in my Spanish class I don't know his name, well that's not true I forgot his name and couldn't pronounce it any way. I should put in a disclaimer for this post, I am not racist just annoyed and need to vent. Oh right cause this guy is from Japan.

Ever day I go to Spanish this guy is sitting with his legs spread eagle in his seat with his head leaning back (early every day ewww, and I sit behind him) . He also has these big head phones, like the kind that cover you entire ear and bright red. Also he has his black hair bleached this crappy orange color and always has his dam hood up over his head blocking my view. Plus he's from Japan why does he need a third language (I'm not asking you Troll Man "Say What? is his language blog).

He also dresses very loudly like shimmery redish pants really? (and I mean what the fuck?) Along with really tight sweaters, it's not even cold yet (well it was a bit this morning but still! feel my rage!)! And he has this accent that's pretty ungreat (not like a sexy Italian stallion, or a I beg you to speak more words sexy Irish guy and your only sexy cause you Irish... plus the voice adds sexy points :D).

Plus the one thing I don't care about is how you didn't study for our test because I'll just do better than you. Well this might be the root of my rage not only does everything he does annoy the pants off me (no not really that would be weird ... plus he's not a hot Irish guy) he is also smart. He got an A on our test, I shall not divulge my score (there are some that might want me to do good and others who might want me to fail so I shall make no one happy mwahahaha).
Plus I have to watch the guy get hit on the whole time by some gay guy (I already have a gay bestie, and I'm doing better than him in the class fyi).

blah blah You're Ginger

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ummm later..

So test is on Monday what do you do all weekend? Party your fanny off that's right! Maybe kinda half heartedly Sunday night but not really cause your exhausted from you're awesome weekend! Okay so I'll be more realistic for some of you. How about you messed around at home on the computer kinda hung out with friends and when you really had nothing else to do maybe you cleaned the entire house. Cause lets face it cleaning the house is more fun then studying.
Now sometimes on that fated Monday morning sitting in you're class staring at the test you are completely blind sided (good movie) . However sometimes you think hell yes dude I totally got this! Those are the moments that keep you stuck with your procrastinating ways. Yet when you are taken by surprise you alway think I'm so going to study for the next test! yet do you really?

The answer for me is no I'd rather ... do something I really dislike (I can't think of anything at the moment). But I'd do those things first! Oh I got one, I'd rather watch the office, yes I went there.

I should really write my essay now... but it's due on Friday... So I'll wait....

blah blah you're Ginger

Monday, September 20, 2010

Men beware

So heres the thing PMSing women, girls, lady folk are scary end of story I'll admit to it even I am known so snap a few heads off. I have a good excuse, I usually just say I'm a red head and have a right to be well a control freak bipolar bitch. But then maybe not sense I'm usually pleasant. Have no fear though I've decided to give out some friendly advice when dealing with the fairer sex in this fragile state.

NEVER EVER ASK IF WE ARE PMSING! Unless you want WWIII to come down on your head. I'm not joking actual violence could ensue, personally I flat out deny it and stop and scream and even throw things here and there. And I have to say my aim while in this state is way better than usual, it's like all this rage takes over and you have a big bull eye on your genitals. Oh did I forget to mention this throwing business is aimed where it counts?

It's like we see red, and if you ask us that and we actually aren't PMSing you are screwed I really don't know which is worse. When you ask and I am, I'm pissed and hurt and I want to be nice but it's impossible. Yet if you ask me and I'm not, well then I'm pissed off a whole lot longer than if I was. Cause damn it I have a right to have a bad day now and then and not be accused of PMSing.

And afterwards when we are done throwing things, screaming, and stomping we usually feel really shitty about how we acted. It's like we know how we are acting is unfair and unexpected but we just can't do anything about it. And it's hard to apologize in this state even though we know we should it's just hard so we usually don't.
Tears, yes these appear sometimes too with out any warning. It's usually cause we know we are being horrible so just nod you're head or something don't really say anything. . . . truth is I don't know what you should actually do with tears but nodding usually helps so keep it simple stupid.

well that's you're Ginger's advice, just trying to keep you all safe

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have been to the nerd kingdom

Have you seen the group in the corner of the cafeteria with a bunch of guys and gals playing magic, ever ended up at that table? Probably not, or if you have and like playing magic this isn't against you. It's just that I found myself at this table once and I felt very out of place, I've never seen magic played and I don't know nerd/magic lingo. I was taken by surprise, just sitting with my boyfriend kinda falling asleep on his shoulder (my favorite thing ever!) when it all happen. Imagine opening you're eyes from a long blink, trying not to fall asleep, when you realize there are a lot of strangers at your table.

As it turns out these five new comers were friend's with one of my friends. Well my friend sat down with us while I was having one of my prolonged blinks. The next thing I know there are five guys that I don't know sitting around us and my boyfriend is looking at me like wow we're at that table. Most of them had very long hair and shy and no I'm not trying to be mean they seemed nice and I didn't die. Not saying it made me have any urge to play ever, but I lived.

This isn't the nerd kingdom this was just showing that weird things like this have happened to me and don't be shocked about what I'm about to tell you...

Have you ever heard about miniatures? Like little armies of goblins or star wars figures? I'd tell you more about them but I'm not quite sure on the whole thing, they roll dice and some how battle each other. There are battle fields with fake hills, trees, buildings and the like.

Well.... I was a wing girl today for a girlfriend and this guy she is into likes to play this. I was unaware about this when I singed up for wing girl duties. I can't tell you how I end up in these situations, cause my girlfriend is not into these things... I thought I was safe with her. I mean really I ended up in the back room of the most nerdy game store I've ever been in watching (and being watched) by men playing with miniature figurines.

I'd give advice for instances like this but .. your Ginger is baffled.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to really Freak you're dad out

I've never had heat strokes before in my life but I guess today is as good as any you know no epic plans or anything like that. In fact it's been a boring day other than you know horrible pain, my sometimes dark red lips turning white, and almost passing out on my dad. All this on top of fuzzy vision and and shaky legs and arms.

Sadly Frodo may be to blame (the angle in horse form) who was screaming his blood head off the whole time I was trying to ride Destiny (not sure what she is yet in horse form). I'm not sure you (whom ever you are) know this but horses tend to not like water.

Horse (mentally) : "you want me to what?"
Me: "cross the water"
Horse (mentally) : "I thought you liked me but now you want me to get eaten"
Me: "it's maybe 2 inches deep"
Horse (mentally) : "holly crap no way in hell, I didn't know it was THAT DEEP!"

And if it's an arabian (what Destiny is) it will usually go like this after a while they get better but yeah first timers don't take it to well. So pretty much Destiny didn't want to get eaten by a creek cause you water can do that. So I get off and stand in the middle of it (like look at me I'm not getting eaten!).

Destiny (mentally): "oh shoot it's gotten her! And I was starting to really like her!"
*Frodo screams his head off form about a half mile away*

That's when she rips the reins out of my hand and runs up a very long very steep hill, and I run up a very long very steep hill after her. When I saw she was okay at the coral I went to my dad and freaked him out.

Now this isn't the first time or the last time I've freaked my dad out, I seem to have a real talent for such things. Like the time I drove a mini 8th scale train off of a ramp and pined myself in between it and the lift and ended up with massive bruises on my hips when I was about 9. Or on my 3rd horse show ever when I was 11 and I was so excited about getting my horse to run I for got to stop her and she stopped at the fence and I hit the fence so hard my helmet hit the mental and made a loud cracking noise (I may have scared every one at the show on that day). Oh Oh! One last one before we get back to the story. Just this last valentine's day my reins broke at a show and I went over a fence bruised all my ribs stretched the cartilage in my sternum and got carted off in an ambulance (I know I freaked everyone at the show that day, and got a lot of "haha you can fly emmy!" at the next show). Oh and that was the second show in a row I'd been to the hospital.

So back to the story when I got into his shop I got a drink and the next thing I know the worst headache in the world hit me hard. Also I thought I'd gotten something on my glasses but my vision was just messing up and then I turned to my dad and my legs had gone jello. Dad got me to sit down and next thing I know I'm listing to the side and he's keeping me awake. (scary stuff right?) After about 20 minutes I kinda felt better, and realized I hadn't eaten anything that day.

I was sent to the house with instructions to eat ice cream... and I did.

I'm feeling better have still a headache and don't want to leave the couch, but your Ginger will be okay

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you brush you're teeth in class?

I'm sitting in my Spanish class listening intently, taking notes, smiling, nodding, and the class room is quite. My Teacher is talking about a famous spanish painter named Frida Kahlo who she really likes, you know how a teacher gets when they talk about something they really like. She was also passing around books of Kahlo's works for all the students to look at.
Well in the middle of this a guy walks into the class room a hour late, this is a two hour class and we've been going for 4 weeks now. Instead of quietly walking to an empty desk he just plops down on the ground next to my desk. Then I realized what I thought was a green pen in his mouth ( I know pen in mouth isn't pleasant either) was a green tooth brush! I mean what! Or rather why?!

So he's sitting on the ground next to me with a green tooth brush and then very loudly unzips and rummage through his back pack. I could never make that much noise just to get... nothing! After all the noise he just sits there with a green tooth brush in his moth shifting it from side to side with is mouth, and a green water bottle.

Oh yes and to top it off he stares at me and my friend from the floor... I just don't get it.

have you ever had someone come into your class with a tooth brush?

... your confused Ginger.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adrenaline is the worst feeling ever

We've all felt it before, your about to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them for the first time and you get a mini heart attack (true story), strange dog barks at you, cooking in the kitchen and a friend is standing there waiting for you to notice (true story). Or maybe your doing something you maybe shouldn't be doing (hehe NO experience in this...). Your heart starts pumping and your limps get all jello feeling, and your just have to do something!

I consider my self a non risk taker, I hate roller coasters, don't like to fly, not to big on boats, and motorcycles luckily I've made a promise to a friend to never get on one so I'm in the clear. Yet I ride horses a lot sense I was very small. Well Mr. Frodo my horse has some hoof problems so I can't ride him as often as I usually do. I don't know if I've mentioned about how I'm really bad at not being able to tell people no. So this slightly older lady at one of my horse competitions asked me sense I have extra time would I mind working with a horse of hers. And of course I say sure bring her on over!

The first day I had this horse at my house I took her out to give some love; brush her, pick her feet, and put some wound spray on some scratches she had. I only got 3 out of 4 feet picked up, about a half hour to brush and braid her tail cause she was so scared of me it was ridiculous. So I call up her owner.

me: "so how long have you had Destiny?"
owner: "two months, and I've ridden her three times"
me: a mental oh shit moment

Well today I was going to ride Miss. Destiny and I had adrenalin surging through me before i even had her lead rope on!

But to be honest it went really well, she stood still while saddled her up and swung myself up in the saddle. I understand how the owner is worried about her, she does spook at lots of things (like a bad on the ground no joke). If your a horse owner and your horse does kinda make you nervous and all she/he needs is a little time go find someone to mess with them. If your lucky you'll find someone like me who always has a rule of them it can't be as bad as Rudy which is a mustang I trained from start to finish, and believe me there are people out there like me willing to help.

(Destiny) (Frodo)
wear your helmet thought! lol your Ginger :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome To Emzy's Zoo

... this should be in a banner above my drive way like when your driving on a country road and big ranches have their last name and their brand's mark above the gate. I have horses, dogs, cats, chickens, some birds, a guinea hen, and an aquarium. Well I have a new addition to my animal kingdom I am now the proud mommy/owner of two baby red eared slider turtles.

They are adorable, zooming around their tank and bask in the light from their heating lamp. How I got them could be considered a funny story, or so I've been told. I recently visited my aunt Tenny in Los Angeles which is about an eight hour drive for me sense I'm in northern California. Well my dad's girlfriend, my aunt and I went to the shopping district in LA. When you drive to the fashion district you suddenly arrive to blocks and blocks of little shops. There isn't any room for street parking so usually you pay about 8 bucks to park in some indoor parking that are actually plentiful around it's not like one or two crowded parking garages.
Cloths are cheap and so are shoes! There are different areas to the fashion district all the men's clothing in one area and women's in another. You can buy anything clothing wise from tank tops, the most sexual lingerie I've ever seen, to wedding dresses. No joke I saw a gorgeous wedding dress (Beware Troll Man ... I kid) and I was tempted on some lingerie but I was with my aunt (I like to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show). Any way you basically walk the street and look in, if something catches your eye you go in. Most every one is speaking Spanish but everyone knows English so no worries and some are also speaking Chinese.

So I'm shopping when some man sets a little tinny carrier in front of me on top of some clothing. I look inside and there are the most adorable little turtles on the face of the planet, so I bought them! For 7 dollars! Including the carrier! And another dollar for a baggy of food! My dad didn't understand how I came back from the fashion district with turtles. Problem? I don't know anything about turtles I've never had one before so I went to Petco and Petsmart. Petco by the way is having a sale I think till the 19th of this month on tanks a dollar a gallon! So I got my baby turtles an aquarium and they seem like happy little turtles :D

I do how ever need help naming one of them, I have a shy little girl turtle in need of a name so if you think of a good name leaving me a comment. I also have a very friendly little boy turtle who likes to make laps around the tank named Speedy Gonzales.

hope you all enjoy your pets as much as I do mine, Lots of Love your Ginger.