Monday, August 30, 2010

Weird Things Happen To Me

So the other night I was just about to fall asleep when an annoying bug started hovering around my ear. I was so tired! I'd been up to late on Kongregate I love this website to pass the time. Also I love everyone in The Singularity... mytosypian excluded. Any who I was tired and well I get cranky when I'm sleepy. So I tossed and turned and the next thing I'm smacking at the flying fiend. Well I smacked him into my ear!

Freaked me out! I mean it's in my ear making all kinds of noises! I don't even know what type of bug! What if the thing bites me!

So I ran into the bath room, startling my St. Bernard/aka bed warmer so badly she rolls around to see me and falls off the bed.... mommy's poor baby. But back to the bath room and the bug in my ear! I pored Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear and let it bubble and pop and what naught. This did the trick and I'm bug free.

I just thought I'd let you all in on the weird happenings in Emzy world.

lol Your Ginger

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've lost my street cred

I'm not intimidating any more. I'm not sure I ever really was to be quite honest, but I was told that I am once. Now I realize this was a few years ago, which always makes me feel old to think back and realize how long ago something happen. Also yes I know I'm not old by any means.

Lately strangers in check out lines will turn to me and tell me life stories, or tell me how horrible their day is because some ex boyfriend is an asshole. Oh right I don't know your ex because I don't know you, and now you feel compelled to tell me why exactly he's your ex. Mean while I'm completely quite I will not encourage you!

Or I sit down in one of my classes and girl next to me tells me all about how she was up till one o'clock in the morning talking with some guy. I just smile, not because I'm happy for her but well I have an awesome boyfriend myself whom I love talking to. The smile was a bad move. Because she is now telling me his whole class schedule and how she has hong out with him and can those be counted as dates? How would I possibly know? I don't recall being there... but wait now your telling me every detail about it down to what you drank. So I guess I was kinda there in spirit. Also now some how I'm invited to a party friday so we can hang out and I can meat this guy.


I mean this is sometimes nice. Most of my friends just thought to them selves lets make friends with that girl. Bridget owner of Cannibalistic Instincts decided this our freshman year in high school... she scared me. I just wondered if this happens to any one else slightly normal... I don't count weird things happen to me on a regular basis.

Lots Of Love Your Ginger