Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Freckles.. What can I say they are sexy, i hope.

I am a classic Ginger. I've got red hair insanely pale skin, and an abundance of freckles. If I sun burn there will be no tan to look forward in the future. Just more (hopefully) adorable freckles and a constant tinge of pink.

I though this was all fare, like what ever I'd look weird if I ever was tan. On father's day I found out this is just a horrible lie I've been telling my self for years. Since about 6th grade when another very pale friend and I decided we were going to tan! This ended in lots of pain and an influx of the economy with the purchase of Aloe Vera, in large quantities.

Got off on a rant there... back to the original rant.
On father's day my daddy and I went to a bbq, and one of my dad's friend is married to a red head and has 4 red head daughters. See how I call them red heads with no mention of ginger? This is because they are tan.

I'm not talking kinda tan, where your freckles have been nice and decided to join hands. I'm talking dark tan like an Italian stallion would be jealous tan! Why is this you ask? They are half or more, not quite sure, native american. I never had a chance, I'm 1/4 German and 3/4 Scottish.

Well I'm here to let all the Gingers out there know that their freckles are adorable/sexy. From one ginger to another. And sorry if I ruined the lie you've been telling yourself as well.

lots of love your ginger..... Oooerrr I may to use that more often... the ginger like.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What you call THIS orange juice !?

Last night we had a family dinner at my house. This is fine since I tend to love my family but it's quite a big deal if we get the whole Stewart clan together. So we shortened it to my favorite sister and brother, Hugh and Sarah. You might find this horrible that I have favorites but I have 7 siblings and lets face it I don't have to like all of them, love them yes.

So any way I cleaned the whole house in prep for my nagging yet favorite sis, and the cutest darn nephews on the face of the planet. FACT NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE THEY ARE THE CUTEST LOL.

The problem here? She brought Orange Juice which I could live off, in theory. But I bought some the day before. So today a day later I go to the ice box and fine orange juice with out looking! oh no's! I... take a swig... and fine it's no pulp! what is the deal is with that?

It was so deceiving! Same maker and everything! Simply Orange is the best orange juice maker out there.... and if I wasn't lazy I'd use my juicer but I am lazy so I don't.

That's like.... decaf Tea, I don't drink coffee. It's like Sunny Delight! Which my family calls Sunny D, I had to google that cause well let's face it, it's not a delight! It's sugar infused orange water and that my friends is sad.

To top it off we have like 1% milk cause I'm lactose and she brought that vitamin D milk... I was careful and checked before I drank that, thank goodness!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Genetics is Crazy

Have you ever thought about where you come from? You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, and 8 great-grandparents. For every further generation the number of ancestors doubles. 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 and so on. By the time you reach the Middle Ages you have millions of ancestors. According to geneticists we are all 17th (or more) cousins of each other. You are descended from both kings and peasants, saints and criminals, and people of every conceivable occupation and moral belief. In every one of them were unique personalities and characteristics that were in some way passed down to their descendants.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay so first I'll let you all in on a little secret, I can be a sharp tongued bitch sometimes... it amuses me what can I say, I have a soft spot for cutting down idiots verbally.
So about a year ago one of my dear friends had a guy friend that REALLY freakin liked her. And well sadly as it goes she REALLY freakin didn't like him.
We'll call her J.
So J calls me and lets me of her problem and that her mother had invited him to the family vacation.... well the Emily and family vacation. Long story short she wanted me to scare the poor sod off.
I laughed at her thinking I'm not that bad... well I did, scare him off that is.
So his problem was that he REALLY liked her as I previously stated. Poor guy was trying to impress her and every time either of us opened our mouths he'd done that before and ten times better. It's like dam I don't really freakin care if you've done anything you bloody moron! I just want to tell my story and make every one laugh and I'm pretty sure you've never done that before any way.
So I pretended I didn't know much on a topic that I was pretty much an expert on, and when he started his fabrications I annihilated him.
So about a year later which was today J invites me over and say this guy would be over, we'll call him D.
Well now D has a fiance and is moving to Washington, no longer needed to impress J. And he was great to be around! Had a great day got him on a horse for his first time ever, played a few board games. And he wasn't a know it all at all!
So my point is J would have liked him a whole lot more if he hadn't felt the need to impress her so dam much. And who knows what would have happened.

Jury Duty

Ugh about four months ago I got a jury summons, I complained that I couldn't miss class so the judge gave me a deferral. I was really hoping they'd just forget about me! but now a few weeks after class got out I go and pick the mail and ew. You can tell what a jury summons looks like before opening. So I have to call in tonight to see if they need me.

Well here comes the RANT.
I'm a 19 year old ginger. The accused is most likely not a prier, are they a 19 year old female with red hair who has never gotten a ticket of any kind, never done any drugs, and only drink occasionally and has never EVER gotten in trouble for it. My record is sparkling clean and I'm sorry I'm mostly likely not going to be able to be unbiased.
If you get into a car drunk or under the influence at all period you should rot. Or get in a car wreck the harms you and you only I really don't care if you live through it or not. (the one I was going to be up on last time had something to do with that)
Maybe that's how I'll get out of it, stand up and yell the fucker should rot in hell!
Sure I may be sent to the loony bin but hey I wont have to do jury duty.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

couch potato

Ugh I always git this horrible fat and lazy feeling when I sit on the couch for any extend period of time, during the day that is. And here I sit on my laptop blogging to the inter web, and I get this urge to go torcher myself by jogging or some other unhealthy endeavor. Why is this! I want to be a couch potato not to the extent that my body fusses to my couch. Just a nice sit on the couch on a lazy day.

Plus jogging isn't good for joints it is? Also Yoga is the root of all evil and yes I know I'm a girl so I'm evil. But yoga is too!

The only problem with this it that the equation should be Women = Time + Money.

Wow I just went on a tangent. I'm going to go take my puppy on a jog now. She likes going but she's more lazy than I could ever aspire to be! She really is my idol!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well 'ello doll face

Hello all you fabulous and most likely marvelous persons, have I annoyed you yet... I hope not. So I am starting a blog, mostly because 3 of my besties have started one. If you want to check them out they are Cannibalistic Instincts, The Troll Cave (I lied two besties and this is my boyfriend), and The Hayter Den. So I'm mostly random and like to rant and what naught. I'll post jokes and things for which I hope to make you laugh. I'll voice my opinion, for which on most subjects is a statement and not open for debate lol. ..... I'll give an example PIRATES KICK NINJA'S ASS!.... not that ninja's aren't freakin awesome in their own right. Any who I hope to entertain you in the future :-)