Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pet Store? Yes as in fish, P-E-T

Alrighty so Nicole (one of my 3 bestest besties) and I were in Chico which is a good 2 hour drive from where we live. Chico is an awesome college town you know of Chico State University, number one party college in the state followed really closely by Humboldt of course.

Anyway, we wanted to find a pet story in Chico cause we'd gone to all the ones where we lived and didn't find any plants for her aquarium that we liked. So after we had breakfast at the Italian Cottage we walked back in and asked the guy behind the counter were there was a pet shop besides PetCo and PetSmart.

He had us repeat the word pet a million times.
Ginger: "Pets as in animals, mostly fish. P-E-T"
Waiter: "Pets? Okay well go down this street and turn left and you'll see Cigaret World, they sell tobacco but they have that in the back too."
Ginger: "They have pet stuff?"
Waiter: "Yeah or stop by Block Buster and see if there's a bald guy working there, he's really into all that."
Ginger:"Okay thanks."

So we drive to the Cigaret World and in the back they do not have P-E-T stuff they have P-O-T stuff. I mean we do live in California and lets face the facts it's totally legal here. "Doc I have back pains", "Alright here's a script". But what's sad is that Nicole and I totally walked in to a canabis store and didn't realize.

We explained to the lady who was working there that we got sent there probably out of a joke but some pot head and we wanted to find a pet shop. She actually sent us to a lovely pet shop.

We laughed pretty hard on the way to the pet shop.

yep my life is a comedy, blah blah your Ginger.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My life is a comedy

I think I may make a new category for My Life Is A Comedy cause things happen that don't quiet fit under weird happenings.

So one of my best friends in the whole wide world is in the Navy, pretty neat isn't it? Well she had two weeks off for Christmas and I basically lived with her for this duration of time. Only going home for my little brother's birthday, Christmas, and my birthday (woot I'm 20 now!).

Any way on the 26th she and I were heading to the movies and I was driving. I made it very clear that I needed to stop for gas saying, "Nicole we need to stop for gas don't let me forget." Problem with this plan? We started talking and talking and giggling etc. I mean what do best friends do once they've been separated for four months?

We forgot thats what we do! So I pull over and just about a quarter mile is the next gas station (up hill). It wasn't raining but Nicole grabbed my umbrella and I was grabbing my rain coat cause it was raining all day and had JUST stopped. When a police car pulled up behind my car and asked if us ladies were okay.

He offered us a ride to the gas station... when we went to get in the back of the police car it was so full of stuff I had to ride in the front with him. (I know right I would have laughed but ... I didn't). He said he could give us a ride there but not back cause he's not allowed to transport fuel.

Well we get there and I had to buy one of those red gas things and fill it up. We left the umbrella and our rain jackets in my car (no idea why! we had them in our hands!), and it started poring big fat rain drops. She was wearing this light green sweater, and I was wearing this pathetic excuse for a sweater cause her mom got it for me. It didn't even have a hood.

So we ran down the hill in the rain, Nicole caring the gas, all the way to my car. Where we tried to pore gas into my car, but those new red gas tanks are total crap. It had this white tube that came out the top, well it ended up in my gas tank (it's all good no worries). On top of that it didn't want to pore, but I found a blue funnel in my trunk and we just took off the lid and free pored it. Which wasn't easy we spilled a lot, gas kinda burns I didn't know that.

Oh raining the whole time, and Nicole sailer that she is cussed in the general direction of the sky and it stared thundering (we laughed). But we found out the movie we were going to go see got sold out any way, we wanted to see True Grit. We saw Black Swan, worst movie I've seen in a very long long time.

Any way we found the whole thing really funny and to quote my best friend, "Emily, only with you would this be so much fun."

I forgot what I usually say at the end.... blah blah your Ginger

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Very Weird Dreams

I'm not one of those people who dream every night or even every week. It's generally a couple cool ones a month. And my dreams are very vivid I remember all that happens people are super clear and generally so abstract it's ridiculous. But it's kinda weird that I've had 4 dreams in a row this past week and I think they are funny so I'm going to share them.

Dream number one: This dream Started out with a friend (Ryne) of mine and I going to Canada! It was pretty cool mostly the car ride happened with lots of singing to the radio. Also at some point I shook him and demanded if we needed passports and we aren't 25 and can't rent a car and he just looked at me with out any facial expression and didn't speak either. When we got to Canada we visited another friend of ours (Jeremiah) and well I don't know what happened but It's like we turned around and were in an amusement park! This was a giant amusement park and we had my 4 year old nephew with us and he was giggling like no one's business. And at some point another friend (Travis) walked past us but he was huge like 20 feet tall and he was pushing a giant shopping cart.
I know very weird.

Dream number two: Okay so this dream was also a weird one. I was in band in high school and all of us from band are still friends for the most part and we have regular get togethers. Well we were having one of our gatherings when everyone told me I should date one of them (Kellan) he isn't single I'm not single and we have never felt that way toward each other ever. My boyfriend was totally wanting me to date him and so was his girl friend every weird. Well I didn't want to but some how they got me to sign a contract making me date him. In this contract I had to go on so many dates and stuff like that before I could break it off. The next think I know he is "walking" me home but some how he was 10 feet tall and I was even shorter then my 5 feet 3 inches and he was more of dragging me and I was having a 5 year old tantrum. ... and then my friend's cat woke me up.

Dream three: So this dream was just a little odd. You know those glasses that have the little wings on them (okay like the pic below) well my regular glasses broke and my friend Sean (not
my bf) gave me some glasses that had a wing type thing on one side and regular on the other and they were dark blue and they sparkled. And so Sean, Nicole, and I went all around like to our high school and the college I go to. And that's pretty much my whole dream.

Dream four: So I like to call this dream the "Best Boy friend Ever dream" but I don't know why he was cheating on me in it and got me the weirdest gift ever. So it starts out that I am my boy friend only I look like me, and everyone is calling me Sean and acting like I'm him. Well then I find out the Me-Sean is dating some girl but I don't like her and she is obsessed with me, so I dumped her. She acted like her life was over and then tried to kill me and someone saved me. So then I go back to being the Me-Me and my boyfriend gets me 4 different types of purple nail polishes for my birthday. Which is weird my birthday isn't till the end of next month. So then I find out I have a girl friend but I'm not a lesbian (I'm totally not sexist this is just what happened in my dream) and so I say "I'm sorry but I just don't dig the girly types." and she asked why not and I said, "Honestly? I have no idea girls are so much better think about a naked girl and a naked dude we are much less weird looking... but sadly I totally dig the dudes." Then she preceded to act like her life was over for me dumping her and tried to kill me, I got away. Then the world floods and I save a older hot neighbor and his cute 5 year old daughter (i don't have a cute older neighbor with 5 year old daughter in real life) from my evil sister.

And those were my dreams last week lol Your Ginger.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Science Experiment

My turtle tank has turned into a science experiment. A very very cute one! It started out with just Speedy Gonzales and Shelley but it just bloomed from bloomed. (or got out of hand depending if you ask me or my dad)

So Shelley is no longer shy she is quite photogenic! Take out the camera and Speedy hides but Shelley is all Ow Aw! I've been trying to catch them doing what I call the Superman pose! they get up on the beach and lay under the heat lamp with their back legs straight out not touching the ground. But they hid when I get near with the camera. (but take my word for it... SO FREAKIN CUTE!)

(i found this on google my turtles stick out both legs though... much cuter)
(here is another good one!)

But back to the science experiment. So my dad bought some feeder fish for them to eat, but they have turned out to not be little blood thirst turtles.... yet. And so these feeder fish that have turned out to be guppies are now reproducing! I have a bout twenty baby guppies in my turtle tank! SO FREAKIN CUTE!

And a day before they arrived I got a big snail and a baby plecostomus to keep down on the green algae build up.

They are all one big happy family in my turtle tank :D

(pics of my turtles)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Well Hello There!

I've been lazy, my lack of posts is a reflection of this. But hey the first steps to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? Or I could just make excuses like I've ditched you guys to spend more time with the boyfriend dude, homework, Halloween, and the like. Yet we both know you guys are more important! (I hope you see this dripping... more like seeping? with sarcasm)

So I hope all of you guys have hear of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Tim Curry's sexiest roll ever! I want to marry him (only the him in the movie)! Gah! Young Tim Curry prancing around in a corset and fishnets! Ooooerrrr!

Then there is the Time Warp! It's the easiest fucking dance ever and really really fun (might just be the atmosphere). Oh and the hot elbow sex....

But here's the deal. You get as slutty as you can ( you will be out slutted when you get there. No matter how slutty you look there is someone more slutty there then you). Get your hair as big and awesome as you can. Make up so thick you just look down right trashy. Fishnets and insanely high heels are a must have. And take your self to Rocky.

After wards hang out with the sexy cast at Denny's for breakfast and crawl into bed around 4am.

Yep I had a good time Saturday night.
Actually I've had an amazing weekend, hope all of you had an epic weekend as well.... Your Ginger!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank you Victoria Secret

Yes I have bought many lovely things from you Victoria, and well I love them. I but what I'm currently thanking you for now is for your catalog. Now I know what that sweater will look like with nothing but panties. I mean that's what sold it for me, can't buy a sweater unless I know what it looks like with just panties under it.
Thank you Victoria I'm going to go around squatting in a sweater and boots.

Freakin Yes! Now this is my go to look, when in doubt wear a bra and sweater.

See now this is what I'd do cause my legs are so blindingly bright I'm afraid to hurt other's eyes. So yes give me those see throw leggings and my ugly sweater!

Oh baby bite your finger at me! I'm suddenly inspired to pay too much on a sweater now!

I still like their stuff, dig their panties and bras, but they love to target men or something. This doesn't make me not want to own every single think in their store (i kid you not).

Your Victoria clad Ginger.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contemplating Murder It's No Biggie

I want to kill my Spanish partner, like really bad. These are just the few emotions I felt for her today: duck tape her mouth, smash her phone to tinny bits, and rip a thing of papers out of her hands and tear it up (possibly burn it). I never knew this girl before the start of this semester and she has decided to sit next to me every flippin day this semester and there for become my partner every day. And she has also decided to try and make me into a friend, ugh.

She has been dating her boy friend all of possibly 2 weeks. Thats serious shit right (in case you answered wrong, it's not... like at all)? But I have to hear all about this guy, how he's a godly man (no one at our age is a man let alone a godly one), how he wears glasses even thought her last 2 boy friends haven't (and yes now I've heard about them too), and how she is going to Thanksgiving with his family. I have also been told everything about his family now, they don't show emotions (how would you know you've never met them you raving lunatic [she's the lunatic not me, well at the moment]).

To make them like her they are going to make a video and she's going to say hi to them and he'll text it to them. Why, aren't they going to meat you eventually any way? Oh lets not for get she is going to say hi and stuff in Spanish, she sucks at it.

Oh I'll go into why she sucks at Spanish. When we do activities she sits there and texts her el novio (boy friend) instead of practicing with me. So then I sit there staring at the board coming up with ways to kill her. Then a paper is passed around with the times for tutoring and she stares at it for 20 minutes! It's a schedule made with squares, and 2 boxes filled with the time. How can you stare at that for 20 minutes. So yes when the teacher asked if we'd finished I said no my partner seems to be busy.

Su Jengibre puede ir a la carcel por asesinto, seria triste.