Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank you Victoria Secret

Yes I have bought many lovely things from you Victoria, and well I love them. I but what I'm currently thanking you for now is for your catalog. Now I know what that sweater will look like with nothing but panties. I mean that's what sold it for me, can't buy a sweater unless I know what it looks like with just panties under it.
Thank you Victoria I'm going to go around squatting in a sweater and boots.

Freakin Yes! Now this is my go to look, when in doubt wear a bra and sweater.

See now this is what I'd do cause my legs are so blindingly bright I'm afraid to hurt other's eyes. So yes give me those see throw leggings and my ugly sweater!

Oh baby bite your finger at me! I'm suddenly inspired to pay too much on a sweater now!

I still like their stuff, dig their panties and bras, but they love to target men or something. This doesn't make me not want to own every single think in their store (i kid you not).

Your Victoria clad Ginger.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contemplating Murder It's No Biggie

I want to kill my Spanish partner, like really bad. These are just the few emotions I felt for her today: duck tape her mouth, smash her phone to tinny bits, and rip a thing of papers out of her hands and tear it up (possibly burn it). I never knew this girl before the start of this semester and she has decided to sit next to me every flippin day this semester and there for become my partner every day. And she has also decided to try and make me into a friend, ugh.

She has been dating her boy friend all of possibly 2 weeks. Thats serious shit right (in case you answered wrong, it's not... like at all)? But I have to hear all about this guy, how he's a godly man (no one at our age is a man let alone a godly one), how he wears glasses even thought her last 2 boy friends haven't (and yes now I've heard about them too), and how she is going to Thanksgiving with his family. I have also been told everything about his family now, they don't show emotions (how would you know you've never met them you raving lunatic [she's the lunatic not me, well at the moment]).

To make them like her they are going to make a video and she's going to say hi to them and he'll text it to them. Why, aren't they going to meat you eventually any way? Oh lets not for get she is going to say hi and stuff in Spanish, she sucks at it.

Oh I'll go into why she sucks at Spanish. When we do activities she sits there and texts her el novio (boy friend) instead of practicing with me. So then I sit there staring at the board coming up with ways to kill her. Then a paper is passed around with the times for tutoring and she stares at it for 20 minutes! It's a schedule made with squares, and 2 boxes filled with the time. How can you stare at that for 20 minutes. So yes when the teacher asked if we'd finished I said no my partner seems to be busy.

Su Jengibre puede ir a la carcel por asesinto, seria triste.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitty Love

I have a large cat, and not because she's fat just tall, long, thick even. And very very white, with no color of any kind. I've had her sense she was 6 weeks old, I got her from one of my best friends when I was in 5th grad (now currently in second year of college). Her name is Chiquita, nina chiquita is little girl in Spanish. And when we got her I was having problems coming up with a name and my dad said well bob (our other cat) is going to like the little chiquita and that became her name.
When she was 7 weeks old when I let her out of the house for the very first time and she brought me back a live blue jay (yes the bird). It was flapping like mad, and my mom was even more mad screaming at her and what naught. We saved the bird and let it out side and we decided Chiquita could handle out doors just fine and she became an indoor out door cat. The problem was the safety to the wild life went down consider ably.

One day my mom complained to me that my cat (and she stressed that she was my cat) was staring at the humming birds at the feeder to much. I laughed and said there was no way she would get one. I was very very wrong at that moment one flew by her face and she whipped her paw out and snagged it! Not only were we surprised she was so surprised she fell off the porch rail but didn't drop the humming bird! My mother yelled at her and she ran off with the bird and ate it or something.

My mother didn't like my cat it turned out and threated to kill it and other such things. Me and my dad reasoned that it was her instincts and there was no way in hell I was finding my cat a new home. Who would sleep on my bed with me? (she still does)

Through the years we'd find dead birds, mice, raiser snakes, and moles all over. Mom didn't mind the moles she put my cat in the green house once to scare them off and the next morning there were 2 dead moles and my cat. Recently the dead animals had slowed down a bit and I though hmmm in her old age (going on 10) she's slowed on killing. Again I'm sorely mistaken, she just brought me a token of her love for me in the form of a dead mouse. Isn't she sweet I really love my kitty.

This Ginger is all squishy in side, full of kitty love lol

Monday, October 11, 2010

How Does The Boy Mind Work?

My boyfriend has a favorite anime I was told is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann when I googled this anime I found a very bust red head. Granted I understand us red heads are irresistible and well boobs are something dudes like (much to lady's advantage). But really? I mean she even had under boob, that never looks attractive I'll put on my bikini for him and show it's just not good, and side boob is pretty bad too like erlack!
And then his friend laughed and said you should dress up as her for him! I looked at him and he did a very good job of letting no facial expressions show (he's a really easy person to read). Do guys really like that? Hot nurse costumes and the like. I mean which would you rather see your girlfriend in a costume or your girlfriend in say a red lacy bra and sexy red panties (or insert your preferred color)? I just don't understand.

I mean sure I could dress up as some busty anime girl but I'm a busty not anime girl... and nobody looks like that! I do dig the boots.... (more of an ish) and it is Halloween. I am going to Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I'll be lookin like a tramp any way (not calling her a tramp not that I know what she'd be classified as). Plus this might encourage my boyfriend to go with me to the show!

Some how I think I'm trying to justify something... am I really going to be her for Halloween..... AHHH

Ginger anime? hmmmm contemplating it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I had an older horse named Moment she was a little Arabian mare 22 years old and just plan gorgeous. Sadly I out grew my baby girl she is also very small, about 900 lbs and almost 14 hands tall. 900 lbs is big but not big for a horse and an average quarter horse is around 1200 lb and usually over 15 hands. A hand is how a horse's hight is measured, a hand is roughly 4 inches, you measure from the top of their withers (front legs) to the ground.

Well sense I grew out of her and she was getting a little older I went in search of her perfect home and I found it! Her new owner is a 10 year old little girl who is obsessed with horses and has never had one before. She is spoiling her rotten and taking better care of her then I was. This little girl is very happy with Moment and wants to ride her in a 4H horse show. I got Moment when I was 9 and rode her in CGA gymkhanas for about 6 years and won about 5 buckles on her and a bit of money, even at state level. She is an awesome horse (I wish I could clone her and make her young and taller and I'd be the happiest person in the world).

So I went over to their house the other day to give her some lessons for the 4H horse show she's going to be in tomorrow. She had a friend over for me to help to and every time the little girl who didn't own her, Moment went into baby sitting mode (well she baby sits the other too) no matter how much this little girl kicked moment barely trotted. The one time Moment went faster with this little girl she got nervous. But when Senadra (owner) rode her moment was full of life and trotting even galloping for her.

I'm just really excited for tomorrow I get to see my baby girl carting around a 10 year old little blond haired blue eye girl with a smile from ear to ear. If they win something that would be great but I think no matter how they do the girl is going to have a great time! And Moment can do all the patterns with her eyes closed so all Senadra has to do is hold on lol. And I'll be there to help. They haven't gotten a horse trailer yet and I'm halling Moment for them to the show and help with little pointers :)

Your Ginger has gone soft.... :-)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Search and Rescue Mission

So last night the Sheriff called my house at 12 o'clock asking if I'd heard gun shots and if they could come down my drive way. So I hung up and got dressed (don't really need the Sherriff to see me in purple pj pants with white kitties on them) and told my dad the Sheriff was coming down our drive way. It turned out that one of your neighbors texted his brother saying he had an accident and was stuck under his quad 100 yards from the bridge.

We have someone living on the other side of our property, and apparently our neighbor Andy Thomas was at his place till 7. Well Andy was missing and his quad was on our property with no signs of an accident. They called off the search till day light, and when I woke up I was asked if I'd look on horse back. So at 6 this morning I saddled up Mr. Frodo and went looking over my property well a bit of it cause there is a lot, just the part from the bridge on. Then I rode a trail on the other side of the road where there's a trail from his place (Andy's) to mine.

(poor Frodo really wanted to eat breakfast he's a trooper)

It turns out the idiot is a drunk moron, and he showed up at his brother's unharmed. And then the person we have living on the other part of the property said they'd been drinking and He told Andy to just go home, when he started ranting about being surrounded (our friend thought he was loosing it and told him to go home and sleep). Surrounded by what we don't know, but this isn't the first time I've noticed him acting weird.

One day I was riding a trail on Frodo and someone had cut down a tree on our property over the trail. I mentioned it to my dad in front of Andy and he said he'd done it because he was afraid of people using it. This trail leads from my house to his and to the power lines who would use it? No one even knew it was there, I had to tell the sheriff it was there during the search and rescue. They aren't sure whether they want to press charges but do you know how much it costs the county to send out a helicopter for hours, and the rescue team? A lot, he shouldn't at lest have some kinda of reprimand.

But any way his safe and fine geez.

Your Ginger is miffed

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I went to the California Pro Rodeo Association State Finals tonight it was a pretty good rodeo. But lets face it anyone who frequents rodeos like myself go for the hot wrangler butts, the barrel races, and for the big finish the bull riders (who have great wrangler butts). And we use the roping events to get up and use the restrooms, get food, sodas, and of course beer! You have to love the drunk cowboys who get up on their bleacher seats dancing like they have a pole to dance on.
Tonight they had a barrel run of 17.97 seconds! That's a really good run by the way. I also saw a bull rider get stomped on and another one head butted against the metal bucking shoots. Oh man and there was an amazing roping horse that as soon as the lasso was around the neck of the cow he/she reared up and snapped the rope so tight the cow was on the grown before the rider could get to it to tie it... that's an amazing horse.

But of course the skanks that show up at the rodeo to look well skanky and drink to much probably didn't notice that. I mean seriously these girls have a pound of makeup on at a rodeo.... and tube tops (I have a great tube top that I look awesome in that I wouldn't wear there), and skinny jeans so tight they make their butts go flat (my skinny jeans are tight in all the right places and well don't make my ass go flat lol). I just don't get them, you'll get hit on more frequently there with wranglers and boots.

Also I'm not going to let the guys slide. If you show up with a brand new cowboy had and brand new boot with no scuff marks on them it's just sad. I mean did you go cloths shopping for one night at a rodeo? I'd rather see you in shorts and flip flops (my boyfriends usual attire). I guess I'm just a people watcher and I notice what people do to much... problem is it bugs me.

If you haven't gone to a rodeo your Ginger suggests it :-)