Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank you Victoria Secret

Yes I have bought many lovely things from you Victoria, and well I love them. I but what I'm currently thanking you for now is for your catalog. Now I know what that sweater will look like with nothing but panties. I mean that's what sold it for me, can't buy a sweater unless I know what it looks like with just panties under it.
Thank you Victoria I'm going to go around squatting in a sweater and boots.

Freakin Yes! Now this is my go to look, when in doubt wear a bra and sweater.

See now this is what I'd do cause my legs are so blindingly bright I'm afraid to hurt other's eyes. So yes give me those see throw leggings and my ugly sweater!

Oh baby bite your finger at me! I'm suddenly inspired to pay too much on a sweater now!

I still like their stuff, dig their panties and bras, but they love to target men or something. This doesn't make me not want to own every single think in their store (i kid you not).

Your Victoria clad Ginger.

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