Monday, November 1, 2010

Well Hello There!

I've been lazy, my lack of posts is a reflection of this. But hey the first steps to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? Or I could just make excuses like I've ditched you guys to spend more time with the boyfriend dude, homework, Halloween, and the like. Yet we both know you guys are more important! (I hope you see this dripping... more like seeping? with sarcasm)

So I hope all of you guys have hear of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Tim Curry's sexiest roll ever! I want to marry him (only the him in the movie)! Gah! Young Tim Curry prancing around in a corset and fishnets! Ooooerrrr!

Then there is the Time Warp! It's the easiest fucking dance ever and really really fun (might just be the atmosphere). Oh and the hot elbow sex....

But here's the deal. You get as slutty as you can ( you will be out slutted when you get there. No matter how slutty you look there is someone more slutty there then you). Get your hair as big and awesome as you can. Make up so thick you just look down right trashy. Fishnets and insanely high heels are a must have. And take your self to Rocky.

After wards hang out with the sexy cast at Denny's for breakfast and crawl into bed around 4am.

Yep I had a good time Saturday night.
Actually I've had an amazing weekend, hope all of you had an epic weekend as well.... Your Ginger!

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