Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contemplating Murder It's No Biggie

I want to kill my Spanish partner, like really bad. These are just the few emotions I felt for her today: duck tape her mouth, smash her phone to tinny bits, and rip a thing of papers out of her hands and tear it up (possibly burn it). I never knew this girl before the start of this semester and she has decided to sit next to me every flippin day this semester and there for become my partner every day. And she has also decided to try and make me into a friend, ugh.

She has been dating her boy friend all of possibly 2 weeks. Thats serious shit right (in case you answered wrong, it's not... like at all)? But I have to hear all about this guy, how he's a godly man (no one at our age is a man let alone a godly one), how he wears glasses even thought her last 2 boy friends haven't (and yes now I've heard about them too), and how she is going to Thanksgiving with his family. I have also been told everything about his family now, they don't show emotions (how would you know you've never met them you raving lunatic [she's the lunatic not me, well at the moment]).

To make them like her they are going to make a video and she's going to say hi to them and he'll text it to them. Why, aren't they going to meat you eventually any way? Oh lets not for get she is going to say hi and stuff in Spanish, she sucks at it.

Oh I'll go into why she sucks at Spanish. When we do activities she sits there and texts her el novio (boy friend) instead of practicing with me. So then I sit there staring at the board coming up with ways to kill her. Then a paper is passed around with the times for tutoring and she stares at it for 20 minutes! It's a schedule made with squares, and 2 boxes filled with the time. How can you stare at that for 20 minutes. So yes when the teacher asked if we'd finished I said no my partner seems to be busy.

Su Jengibre puede ir a la carcel por asesinto, seria triste.

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