Monday, October 11, 2010

How Does The Boy Mind Work?

My boyfriend has a favorite anime I was told is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann when I googled this anime I found a very bust red head. Granted I understand us red heads are irresistible and well boobs are something dudes like (much to lady's advantage). But really? I mean she even had under boob, that never looks attractive I'll put on my bikini for him and show it's just not good, and side boob is pretty bad too like erlack!
And then his friend laughed and said you should dress up as her for him! I looked at him and he did a very good job of letting no facial expressions show (he's a really easy person to read). Do guys really like that? Hot nurse costumes and the like. I mean which would you rather see your girlfriend in a costume or your girlfriend in say a red lacy bra and sexy red panties (or insert your preferred color)? I just don't understand.

I mean sure I could dress up as some busty anime girl but I'm a busty not anime girl... and nobody looks like that! I do dig the boots.... (more of an ish) and it is Halloween. I am going to Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I'll be lookin like a tramp any way (not calling her a tramp not that I know what she'd be classified as). Plus this might encourage my boyfriend to go with me to the show!

Some how I think I'm trying to justify something... am I really going to be her for Halloween..... AHHH

Ginger anime? hmmmm contemplating it.


    You now understand the male mind.

  2. The Male anime fan's mind works a bit differently than the average guy. Cut him some slack.

  3. Over my course of being an hardcore omake, I've realised that the male anime omake's mind is different from other people. Cut us some slack already:P And yes, if I had a girlfriend and she came into my room dressed up as a girl from my favorite anime I'd be overjoyed with happiness =D Especially if she dressed up as Mikoto..