Thursday, November 4, 2010

Science Experiment

My turtle tank has turned into a science experiment. A very very cute one! It started out with just Speedy Gonzales and Shelley but it just bloomed from bloomed. (or got out of hand depending if you ask me or my dad)

So Shelley is no longer shy she is quite photogenic! Take out the camera and Speedy hides but Shelley is all Ow Aw! I've been trying to catch them doing what I call the Superman pose! they get up on the beach and lay under the heat lamp with their back legs straight out not touching the ground. But they hid when I get near with the camera. (but take my word for it... SO FREAKIN CUTE!)

(i found this on google my turtles stick out both legs though... much cuter)
(here is another good one!)

But back to the science experiment. So my dad bought some feeder fish for them to eat, but they have turned out to not be little blood thirst turtles.... yet. And so these feeder fish that have turned out to be guppies are now reproducing! I have a bout twenty baby guppies in my turtle tank! SO FREAKIN CUTE!

And a day before they arrived I got a big snail and a baby plecostomus to keep down on the green algae build up.

They are all one big happy family in my turtle tank :D

(pics of my turtles)

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