Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My life is a comedy

I think I may make a new category for My Life Is A Comedy cause things happen that don't quiet fit under weird happenings.

So one of my best friends in the whole wide world is in the Navy, pretty neat isn't it? Well she had two weeks off for Christmas and I basically lived with her for this duration of time. Only going home for my little brother's birthday, Christmas, and my birthday (woot I'm 20 now!).

Any way on the 26th she and I were heading to the movies and I was driving. I made it very clear that I needed to stop for gas saying, "Nicole we need to stop for gas don't let me forget." Problem with this plan? We started talking and talking and giggling etc. I mean what do best friends do once they've been separated for four months?

We forgot thats what we do! So I pull over and just about a quarter mile is the next gas station (up hill). It wasn't raining but Nicole grabbed my umbrella and I was grabbing my rain coat cause it was raining all day and had JUST stopped. When a police car pulled up behind my car and asked if us ladies were okay.

He offered us a ride to the gas station... when we went to get in the back of the police car it was so full of stuff I had to ride in the front with him. (I know right I would have laughed but ... I didn't). He said he could give us a ride there but not back cause he's not allowed to transport fuel.

Well we get there and I had to buy one of those red gas things and fill it up. We left the umbrella and our rain jackets in my car (no idea why! we had them in our hands!), and it started poring big fat rain drops. She was wearing this light green sweater, and I was wearing this pathetic excuse for a sweater cause her mom got it for me. It didn't even have a hood.

So we ran down the hill in the rain, Nicole caring the gas, all the way to my car. Where we tried to pore gas into my car, but those new red gas tanks are total crap. It had this white tube that came out the top, well it ended up in my gas tank (it's all good no worries). On top of that it didn't want to pore, but I found a blue funnel in my trunk and we just took off the lid and free pored it. Which wasn't easy we spilled a lot, gas kinda burns I didn't know that.

Oh raining the whole time, and Nicole sailer that she is cussed in the general direction of the sky and it stared thundering (we laughed). But we found out the movie we were going to go see got sold out any way, we wanted to see True Grit. We saw Black Swan, worst movie I've seen in a very long long time.

Any way we found the whole thing really funny and to quote my best friend, "Emily, only with you would this be so much fun."

I forgot what I usually say at the end.... blah blah your Ginger

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