Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Very Weird Dreams

I'm not one of those people who dream every night or even every week. It's generally a couple cool ones a month. And my dreams are very vivid I remember all that happens people are super clear and generally so abstract it's ridiculous. But it's kinda weird that I've had 4 dreams in a row this past week and I think they are funny so I'm going to share them.

Dream number one: This dream Started out with a friend (Ryne) of mine and I going to Canada! It was pretty cool mostly the car ride happened with lots of singing to the radio. Also at some point I shook him and demanded if we needed passports and we aren't 25 and can't rent a car and he just looked at me with out any facial expression and didn't speak either. When we got to Canada we visited another friend of ours (Jeremiah) and well I don't know what happened but It's like we turned around and were in an amusement park! This was a giant amusement park and we had my 4 year old nephew with us and he was giggling like no one's business. And at some point another friend (Travis) walked past us but he was huge like 20 feet tall and he was pushing a giant shopping cart.
I know very weird.

Dream number two: Okay so this dream was also a weird one. I was in band in high school and all of us from band are still friends for the most part and we have regular get togethers. Well we were having one of our gatherings when everyone told me I should date one of them (Kellan) he isn't single I'm not single and we have never felt that way toward each other ever. My boyfriend was totally wanting me to date him and so was his girl friend every weird. Well I didn't want to but some how they got me to sign a contract making me date him. In this contract I had to go on so many dates and stuff like that before I could break it off. The next think I know he is "walking" me home but some how he was 10 feet tall and I was even shorter then my 5 feet 3 inches and he was more of dragging me and I was having a 5 year old tantrum. ... and then my friend's cat woke me up.

Dream three: So this dream was just a little odd. You know those glasses that have the little wings on them (okay like the pic below) well my regular glasses broke and my friend Sean (not
my bf) gave me some glasses that had a wing type thing on one side and regular on the other and they were dark blue and they sparkled. And so Sean, Nicole, and I went all around like to our high school and the college I go to. And that's pretty much my whole dream.

Dream four: So I like to call this dream the "Best Boy friend Ever dream" but I don't know why he was cheating on me in it and got me the weirdest gift ever. So it starts out that I am my boy friend only I look like me, and everyone is calling me Sean and acting like I'm him. Well then I find out the Me-Sean is dating some girl but I don't like her and she is obsessed with me, so I dumped her. She acted like her life was over and then tried to kill me and someone saved me. So then I go back to being the Me-Me and my boyfriend gets me 4 different types of purple nail polishes for my birthday. Which is weird my birthday isn't till the end of next month. So then I find out I have a girl friend but I'm not a lesbian (I'm totally not sexist this is just what happened in my dream) and so I say "I'm sorry but I just don't dig the girly types." and she asked why not and I said, "Honestly? I have no idea girls are so much better think about a naked girl and a naked dude we are much less weird looking... but sadly I totally dig the dudes." Then she preceded to act like her life was over for me dumping her and tried to kill me, I got away. Then the world floods and I save a older hot neighbor and his cute 5 year old daughter (i don't have a cute older neighbor with 5 year old daughter in real life) from my evil sister.

And those were my dreams last week lol Your Ginger.

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